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We provide kitchen cabinets & refacing, hardware and refinishing Services

Fed up with how old and tired-looking your kitchen cabinets are looking?  Whether you want to breathe life back into your existing cupboards, or put in fresh new ones, we can help. We also cover a range of different services including countertops, islands, sinks, faucets, tiling, storage, backsplash & flooring services.

Our cabinet makers can provide traditional, transitional, contemporary, farmhouse or European style. We have a range of different cabinets to help bring your unique kitchen preferences to life.

Custom Cabinets & Refacing at Kitchen Cabinets Madison Wisconsin

We offer a range of cabinet services, including custom cabinetry as well as refacing your current cabinets. Our team can also build and fit your cabinet hardware. We are the go-to supplier and installer of kitchen cabinets Madison Wisconsin.

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Why Choose Us?

Because people keep coming back to us! Custom cabinets Madison WI offer tailored benefits that you should consider when undergoing a kitchen remodel. We ensure that your cabinets are designed for your kitchen and your home. You select everything from the cabinet hardware, materials and colors to the layout and style.

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We combine our design skills and experience to help you choose the custom cabinets that suit your vision. Our cabinetry is tailored to your individual requirements. We are happy to assist your cabinet hardware selections so that they best suit your home and lifestyle. But ultimately, you make the final choice of what goes into your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets Madison WI

Framed v Frameless Cabinets

Choose between framed and frameless cabinets. Framed cabinets have an internal support structure and are more traditional, while frameless are considered more contemporary and are often classed as European style cabinets.

Standard v Customized Cabinets


Pre-designed stock cabinets, with standard sizes and styles. The most affordable option and usually available quickly


Bigger selection of cabinets with more choice in finishing, style and materials. Availability depends on how much customization you may need.


Fully customized cabinetry, made to your specific requirements. Choose materials, design, size etc. More expensive, but tailor-made to suit your kitchen. Time to delivery depends on work involved.

Cabinets Madison Wi

Kitchen Cabinets Madison Wisconsin

Types of Cabinets

Wall Cabinets

Are attached to the wall. Typically 54 inches above the stove and 18 inches above countertops.

Base Cabinets

Are attached to the wall. Typically 54 inches above the stove and 18 inches above countertops.

Tall Cabinets

Often used in tight corners or as a utility or broom cupboard. Great for pantries and can be up to 96 inches in height.

Kitchen Cabinets Madison WI

Cabinet Materials

  • Solid Wood – Highest quality and last a long time. Variety of wood-types available such as oak or beech.
  • Plywood – Multiple veneers glued together for maximum strength. Often stronger than real wood.
  • Particle Board – Compressed wood chips. Budget version of real wood.
  • MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) – Wood particles glued into sheets. Good value for money option.

Cabinet Coverings

  • Laminates – Low maintenance and stain resistant. Durable.
  • Veneers – Appearance of solid wood. Affordable.
  • Melamine – Top quality finishes in various styles.

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When choosing your new kitchen cabinets, use a local design professional like kitchen cabinets Madison WI, who can be there every step of the way with your kitchen remodeling.

To begin your free design consultation, engage with your local remodel specialists at Kitchen Remodeling Madison Wisconsin by contacting us.

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